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What Is Gross Pay?

Gross pay is an individual’s total earnings throughout a given period before any deductions are made. Using Gross Pay Calculator we can get the total hours including Regular hours , Overtime hours , Double time hours. By using following formula -:

Total Hours :

TH = RH + OH + DH
RH = Regular Hours
OH = Overtime Hours
DH = Double Time Hours

Gross Pay:

GP = RR + OR + DR
RR = Regular Rate
OR = Overtime Rate
DR = Double Time Rate

How to use Gross Pay Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Gross Pay Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Input appropriate value .

Step 2: Now click on "Calculate" button to get result.

You will get Total Hours (including Regular hours,Overtime hours,Double time hours) and Gross Pay as per your value input.