Calculator For Loan Part Prepayment Benefit

Loan Amount (Minimum:1000 and Max:5,00,00,000)

Loan Amount:

Interest (Minimum:1% and Max:20%)

Interest Rate %:

Tenure in Months (Minimum:10 and Max:360)

Tenure (in Months):

Prepayment (Min: Equal to 3 EMI)


Prepayment in Month (Less than Loan Tenure)

Prepayment in Month:

Drag the slider and Click on "Calculate" to get the result. Click on "New Calculation" for new values.

What Is Loan Part Prepayment Benefit?

If you are looking for a calculator that will help you understand the benefits of partial loan prepayment, then this is it. This calculator allows you to calculate the savings on your loan with just a few clicks. No matter what type of loan you have, whether it is a mortgage, car or personal, this calculator will give you an estimate on how much money you can save by paying off some of your principal early. Calculating the benefits of paying off your loans ahead of schedule can be quite tricky. But thankfully there is now an easy-to-use online calculator that will provide all the needed calculations for free.