Calculator For Loan Schedule Amortization

This calculator will help you to calculate the Amortization for a loan. You can input the amount of the loan, the rate of interest and how often it is paid, and it will calculate how much you pay in interest and how much you owe each month. With this free and easy to use calculator, you can estimate the remaining balance and total interest payments for any loan such as mortgage, car loan, student loans and more. It also helps to figure out how long it will take for you to pay off your loan or when your last monthly payment will be. This calculator is perfect for those who can predict their future financial needs.

Loan Amount (Minimum:1000 and Max:5,00,00,000)

Loan Amount:

Interest (Minimum:1% and Max:20%)

Interest Rate %:

Tenure in Months (Minimum:10 and Max:360)

Tenure (in Months):

Drag the slider and Click on "Calculate" to get the result. Click on "New Calculation" for new values.