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What Is Blood Volume?

Blood volume is necessary to maintain adequate perfusion to all of the tissues in the body. Nearly all cells in the body require replenishment of nutrients and a removal system for waste, both of which the blood provides.

What Are Calculation Option Available In Blood Volume?

Blood volume is the volume of blood (red blood cells and plasma) in the circulatory system of any individual.To Calculate blood volume in human body we have Blood Volume Calculator . Using the following formula :-

Blood Volume of a Male :

M = 0.3669 * H in M3 + 0.03219 * W in kgs + 0.6041
M = Blood Volume of Male
W = Weight
H = Height

Blood Volume of a Female :

F = 0.3561 * H in M3 + 0.03308 x W in kgs + 0.1833
F = Blood Volume of Female
W = Weight
H = Height

How to use Blood Volume Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Blood Volume Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Select Option from Drop Down List.

Step 2: Input appropriate value.

Step 3: Now click on "Calculate" button to get result.

You will get Blood Volume which is a measurement that represents the relationship between their weight , height and also Gender as per your value input.