Calculator for Annulus

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Outer Radius
Inner Radius
Outer Circumference
Inner Cirumference
Outer Circle Area
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Annulus Area

r1=Outer Radius
r2=Inner Radius
C1=Outer Circumference
C2=Inner Circumference
A1=Area of circle of r1
A2=Area of circle of r2
Ao=Shaded Area

What Is Annulus?

An Annulus is a shape made out of two circles.The region covered by two coincentric circles forms the Annulus Shape. It share same center. Some of the real-life examples are finger-ring, dough-nut, etc. This Annulus Calculator will help you to find 5 unknown variables by providing 2 known variables.

What Are Calculation Option Available In Annulus?

Select which value you are Providing (Outer Radius (r1), Inner Radius (r2), Outer Circumference (C1), Inner Circumference (C2), Outer Circle Area (A1), Inner Circle Area (A2), Annulus Area (Ao)) input value and Click on Calculate .

A Annulus Calculator help us to calculate different propertise of annulus shape . An Annulus is the shape between two concentric circle we get the value of Outer Radius(r1) , Inner Radius(r2) , Inner Circle Area(A2) , Outer Circle Area (A1), Inner Circumference(C1), Outer Circumference(C),Annulus Area(Ao) etc . We can find the value of Five Unkown variables only if value of Two variables are known .By using following Formula :

Outer Circumference :

C2 = 2pr2
C 2 = Outer Circumference
r 2 = Outer Radius

Inner Circumference :

C1= 2pr1
C 1 = Inner Circumference
r 1 = Inner Radius

Inner Surface Area :

A1 = pr12
r 1 = Inner Radius
A1 = Inner Surface Area

Outer Surface Area :

A2 = pr22
r 2 = Outer Radius
A2 = Outer Radius

Annulus Surface Area :

Ao = A1 - A2
A1 = Inner Surface Area
A2 = Outer Surface Area

How to use Annulus Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Annulus Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Select which value you will be providing? Dropdown has Outer Radius(r1) and Inner Radius(r2), Outer Radius(r1) and Inner Circumference(C2), Outer Radius(r1)and Inner Circle Area(A2), Inner Radius(r2) and Outer Circumference(C1), Outer Circumference(C1) and Inner Circumference(C2), Outer Circumference(C1) and Inner Circle Area(A2), Inner Radius(r2) and Outer Circle Area(A1), Inner Circumference(C2) and Outer Circle Area(A1), Outer Circle Area(A1) and Inner Circle Area(A2), Annulus Area(Ao) and Outer Radius(r1), Annulus Area(Ao) and Inner Radius(r2), Annulus Area(Ao) and Outer Circle Area(A1), Annulus Area(Ao) and Inner Radius(A2), Annulus Area(Ao) and Outer Circumference(C1), Annulus Area(Ao) and Inner Circumference(C2) options.

Step 2: Input appropriate value as per selected type in Step 1.

Step 3: Now click on "Calculate" button to get result.

You will get Outer Radius(r1), Inner Radius(r2), Outer Circumference(A1), Inner Circumference(A2), Outer Circle Area(A1), Inner Circle Area(A2), Annulus Area(Ao) as per you selection and value input.