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What Is Circle?

It is not much dificult to remember formulas for calculating Circle Area, Diameter and Circumference/ Perimeter if any one value is provided. We just want to make it easy to calculate through this calculator.

What Are Calculation Option Available in Circle?

Select which value you are providing (Area, Diameter, Circumference), input value and click on Compute!

A circle can be defined as a shape in which all points on the shape are an equal distance from a central point. The circumference of a circle is the measure of how far around the edge of the circle is. It can be calculated by multiplying pi (3.14159265358979323846) by the diameter or 2 times pi times the radius. The area of a circle is found by multiplying pi (3.14159265358979323846) by square-root(radius squared). We can find all the properties of circle By using following formula :

Area :

A = πr2
A = Area
r = Radius

Diameter :

D = 2r
D = Diameter
r = Radius

Circumference :

C = 2πr
C = Circumference
r = Radius

How to use Circle Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Circle Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Select which value you will be providing? Dropdown has Area, Diameter and Circumference options.

Step 2: Input appropriate value as per selected type in Step 1.

Step 3: Now click on "Compute" button to get result.

You will get Area, Circumference, Radius as per you selection and value input.