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Law of Cosine

A=Angle A
a=Side a
B=Angle B
b=Side b
C=Angle C
c=Side c
r=Radius of inscribed circle
R=Radius of circumscribed circle

What is Law Of Cosine?

Law of Cosine States the relation between the Sides and Angle of triangle. It states that, if the length of two sides and the angle between them is known for a triangle, then we can determine the length of the third side.

What Are Calculation Option Available in Law Of Cosine?

Select Which value you are providing ((Side(a) , Side(b) , Side(c)) and (Side(b) , Angle(A), Side(c)) and (Side(a) , Angle(B) , Side(c)) and (Side(a) , Angle(C) , Side(b)) input value and click on Calculate.

How to use Law Of Cosine Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Law Of Cosine Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Select which value you will be providing? Dropdown list has Side (a) , Side (b) , Side (c) and Side (b) , Angle (A) , Side (c) and Side (a) , Angle (B), Side (c) and Side (a) , Angle (C), Side (b) options.

Step 2: Input appropriate value as per selected type in Step 1.

Step 3: Now click on "Calculate" button to get result.

You will get Angle (A) , Angle (B) , Angle (C) , Side (a) , Side (b) , Side (c), Area (K) , Perimeter (P) , SemiPerimeter (s) , Altitude of Side Length (ha) , Altitude of Base (hb) , Altitude of Hypotenuse (hc) , Inscribed Circle Radius (r) , Circumscribed Circle Radius (R) as per your value input.