Calculator For Stadium

Calculation Option
Radius (r) :
Side Length (a) :

a = Side Length
r = Radius
A = Area
P = Perimeter

What Is Stadium?

The Stadium is two dimensional geometric shape constructed of rectangle with semicircle at a pair of opposites side. A geometric stadium shape is a circle of radius r that has been cut in half through the center and the 2 ends are then separated by a rectangle of Side Length a.

What Are Calculation Option Available In Stadium?

Select which value you are Providing (Side Length(a) , Radius(r) , Area(A) , Perimeter(P)) input value and Click on Calculate .

The Stadium is the two dimensional geometric shape which has two semicircle at both end . Stadium Calculator helps us to calculate all the properties of Stadium shape .We can get value of two Unknown variables only if value of two variables are known . Using following formula :

Area of Stadium :

A = pr2+2ra
A = Area of Stadium
r = Radius
a = Side Length

Perimeter of Stadium :

P = 2(pr+a)
P = Perimeter
r = Radius
a = Side Length

How to use Stadium Calculator?

Step by step procedure for Stadium Calculator is as follows.

Step 1: Select which value you will be providing? Dropdown list has{ Radius (r) and Side Length (a) , Radius (r) and Area (A) , Radius (r) and Perimeter (P) , Side Length (a) and Perimeter (P) } etc .

Step 2: Input appropriate value as per selected type in Step 1.

Step 3: Now click on "Compute" button to get result.

You will get Raiuds(r) , Side Length(a) , Perimeter(P) , Area(A) as per your value input.